My Sales & Career Highlights

⁠- I started in cold, outbound appointment setting & selling over 20 years ago, before moving into inbound positions gaining experience in telecommunications, banking & insurance. I was naturally talented in sales & communications, and thoroughly enjoyed smashing my targets, receiving several awards for outstanding results & service in this part of my career.

- I then built my own business in the finance industry, specifically in the investment finance niche, where I personally closed over 50 Million Dollars in mortgage sales over a 5 year period & then planned my exit from the day to day operations of this business by recruiting and training a small team who were responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage sales.

- As a passion project, I built a luxury dog photography portrait studio from the ground up, creating all the sales systems & processes to go from zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars in high ticket photographic artwork sales with just one photographer, in 12 months. I was responsible for the entire sales process which included: writing & managing FB ads, DM & phone setting, and luxury photographic artwork sales up to $7,000 each.

- I subsequently chose to transition completely into the remote sales space & sought out elite mentoring and training in high ticket closing in order to support my transition and mastery.

⁠- I have maintained a lifelong passion for personal & professional development across a wide range of areas including: Investing, Wealth, Mindset, Consciousness, Spirituality, Relationships, Wellness, Business, Sales, Marketing & Cryptocurrency, so I am very versatile in terms of niches I can serve in at a high level.

I am: 
Kind, Perceptive, Aware, Fasti​dious, Intelligent, Passionate, Caring, Easy Going, Warm, Uplifting & Driven.

My Greatest Strengths: 
Integrity, Honesty, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Exceptional Communication Skills, Wisdom, Resilience and Caring Deeply About People & the Results I Achieve.

About You...

- You Do Great Things In This World
- You Love Your Clients 
- Their Results Matter
- Your Fulfillment is Beautiful
- You Have Proven Sales Processes
- Integrity Is Everything
- I Look Forward To Hearing More!

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